Sunday, December 21


Welcome to the course blog of PHIL 450: Ethics in Science at the University of Idaho in the Spring of 2009. This course will explore a variety of connected questions about the relation between science and values: Is science a value-free inquiry? Can it help us pursue questions about values themselves? What ethical constraints should we place on science? How should a democratic society go about choosing what projects to embark on and how to prioritize existing projects? How should considerations of equality and social (global) justice constrain scientific research? We'll be conducting much of the course business in this forum. It's my hope that what is written here may be of some interest and use to others.

Interested students may consult this draft syllabus to get a more specific sense of what the course will involve. About me: I'm an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Idaho. I received my Ph.D. at Columbia, though I'm originally from Portland, Oregon. If you're interested in taking the course but have reservations, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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