Saturday, May 2

After class discussion on Global Climate change, I still think that we have an obligation to future generations, but there is also the fact that the main public does not usually think of future generations, but also of now (I'm not saying everyone thinks this way, however). What I mean by this is for example, some people recycle etc. because they are trying to better the earth for themselves when they're still living, or they are worried about making it worse. They are not really putting in perspective or even thinking about how their actions could affect future generations.
I would also like to point out about the increase/change in our climate in general. I think no matter what, the earth will have cycling changes, but I also think that we are speeding this process up drastically. I think we all need to do our part, even if we think it will not make a difference, but maybe in the long run, it will help with this global climate change.

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