Monday, May 4

Last Meeting Information

For our last meeting — : ( — we'll take a sort of potpourri approach. First, I'd like to talk a bit more about climate change ethics and policy. In particular, it seemed to me that there was much more to be said about issues of responsibility at both the individual and national levels. In the latter case, we bump up yet again to global justice issues. We'll spend around 40 minutes, say, on this.

Then Graham will give his presentation (shorter than other groups, as he's been left without a group) and we'll take some time to talk about biodiversity and the ethical issues devolving therefrom — another hour, perhaps. Graham would request that you read the following short selection from E. O. Wilson's book The Diversity of Life. Since we were late getting this to you, I do not regard it as "assigned", but it's an easy read and potentially good fodder for discussion.

Finally, we can use any remaining time to talk about any issues/questions that have been nagging you. Let's stop briefly to look back and survey the ground we've covered.

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