Tuesday, April 14

Final Essay Information

Here's the deal I offered in class today: if you would like the usual slate of markup/comments from me on your final paper (and I sure hope that you would), I'll need these turned in on our last day of class (Tuesday, May 5th), unless you are either Graham or Afton who are presenting on that day and have slightly more time. If, on the other hand, you really need the extra few days, you may submit your essay on Friday, May 8th by 3:30PM in my office. 

Remember: the final essay should dovetail with your portion of the group presentation (taking into account any feedback you received in that context). It should come in at around 2,400 and 4,000 words long (I don't know how many pages that is: use the word-count feature) and involve a significant amount of scholarly research. What does 'significant' mean? Let's say at least five sources that were not assigned in the class. 'Scholarly' means that they should be professional journal articles or books published by reputable presses (e.g., the many "University Presses", Routledge, Blackwell, Wiley, &c.). If you're not sure about your sources, I'm happy to give them a quick peek. 

Do feel free to give me drafts in advance or come visit to talk about ideas, arguments, theses, &c.

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