Monday, April 27

Obama's Speech on Science

President Obama gave a speech today regarding science research, funding, and education. This speech gives a very broad plan for the future of our country’s scientific research and development. When compared with the American Competitiveness Initiative (that I spoke about in the group presentation), this plan does focus more on the education and research aspect instead of the profit-driven science and technological advancements. Yet, there are many similarities between them as well, which focuses on intertwining education, science, and the economy. While all of the points in this speech sound like they can help the country advance in many areas of science, there continues to be a strong tie between science and the need for economic growth (the "profit" of the government). There are many, MANY issues addressed in the speech, so if you have some time, check it out!

(The transcript of the speech is a few paragraphs down on the page)

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