Tuesday, April 21

Last week's presentation

These whole week, I have been thinking about group one's presentation, and really what we can do to better communicate/educate. I would like to mainly focus on Jenny's and Alex's part on having better access to communication and mainly how the media persuades the general public. I think with how our technologies are now, we have the capability to communicate effectively, such as via internet, radio etc. the hard part with the communication and technology, however is really getting the truth out about specific things, such as exactly what BST, how it affects you etc. There will always be "untruths" when it comes to science and the industry of science, and truly I don't know if there is any way to not have the untruths happen. A quote from the paper the group assigned, said that "researchers have ethical duties to examine their positions carefully. As a result, citizens may not be well informed and will be less likely to protect their rights to life, to know, and to consent." What I thought of this quote, was the fact that if the researchers examined everything more carefully and educated the public, then it would cause the public to be more informed, and then have more of a say in their lives, and have the knowledge of the science given to them. This knowledge of science etc, will be crucial in the future, in making decisions, etc. Our group today will be going over Human Enhancement, which is a very debatable topic, and is something that is close to becoming reality. If people were to better understand and be more informed, I believe it will be beneficial to all, because then we could have a better say in what we eat, and what we want for our well being in life.

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