Monday, March 30

Argument against pursuing certain lines of research

In class, we discussed several arguments Kitcher addressed regarding the pursuit of certain lines of research. In general, our discussion of the topic led us to the conclusion that there are certain lines of research that may be best left untouched or at least done with caution and respect to the parties involved.

The issue I have with this conclusion is that while it may be best to leave some issues untouched, I find it difficult to believe that it is possible to actually restrict these lines of controversial research. Although laws and regulations can be placed on certain lines of research (e.g. stem cell research), there still are ways to get around these regulations that leave the decision of pursuit to the scientist involved. While I do believe there are many subjects that should not be further researched strictly because of the harm they could cause and the lack of enhancement of society they bring, I still find that there truly is not a way to detract researchers from their pursuit of knowledge.

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