Tuesday, March 24

First Essay Reminder

So, as I wrote earlier and mentioned in class today, I'd like the first essays delivered to my office by 3PM on Monday, April 6th. That's not too long from now, you may notice. I am willing to read and mark essays submitted earlier and give you a chance to revise them before the deadline for a better result (or you can stand pat). I'll turn them around to you as soon as I can manage, but don't expect a miracle. Let's say that the cutoff for getting an essay back from me before the deadline is Tuesday the 31st (which I can turn around by Friday the 3rd): I'll mark these in the order in which they are received). You are well-advised to take me up on this offer.

Also note that on the essay rubric has a row that describes conformity to instructions. That includes following this formatting guide (notably, having correct citations, a works cited list, &c.). There are other ways of doing things, of course. I'd just like to see you master this one for the purposes of this class.

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