Tuesday, March 3

Groups Update

So the groups and loose topics are (almost) set:

Group 1 (4/14): Industry of Science
Brittany, Dave, Jennifer, + one other

Group 2 (4/21): Human Enhancement
Justin, Kelsey, Rachel, Roger, and Roxy

Group 3 (4/28): Global Climate Change
Casey, Kristian, Lauren, Sharma, and Thando

Group 4 (5/5): Progress
Afton, Graham, + two others

We have three folks left without groups. Please sort this out on blackboard soon. As your other group members are probably eager to get going, I will give you until the weekend to get it figured out.

I think these are all interesting and potentially very rich topics. I'm looking forward to seeing what you're able to come up with. Remember: I'd like to meet with each group at least twice; the first meeting should be at least four weeks before your presentation day. So Group 1 needs to get going soon! At least you'll have a good amount of time to work on your final essays with the presentation comfortably behind you. . . .

For the groups who are set, I've created private forums for you to use in Blackboard as you see fit (or not at all).

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