Tuesday, March 31

Plan for class today

I'd like to reserve roughly the last 40 minutes or so of todays' meeting to give your groups an opportunity to meet with each other to chat strategy. Hopefully you've already had a chance to do this, though judging by the state of the blackboard discussion, I have my doubts for some groups. Time is ticking away. . . .

I will come around to chat with your group if you're ready to talk to me or if you have any questions, need guidance, &c. Group 2: Since you've had a recent meeting, I can either meet with you first (if you don't need the time at this point to talk amongst yourselves) or last, if you'd like to spend more than the ten or so minutes I can allocate to your group at this juncture. Group 1: we're still on tap to meet on Monday morning at 8AM, but I'm happy to chat with you at this point as well or you can simply use the time to sort out any loose ends that need sorting. I definitely want to talk to groups 3 and 4.

See you shortly.

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