Tuesday, March 31

Meeting 11 (4/14) — Public and Private Science

Recall that our next meeting will be in two weeks: I hope you'll use the extra time out of class to conduct research on your final essays, prepare for your presentation, polish up your first essays, and so on.

When we meet again, Group 1 (Alex, Brittany, Dave, and Jennifer) will kick off the action. They've assigned chapter 3 of Kristin Shrader-Frechette's book, Taking Action, Saving Lives: Our Duties to Protect Environmental and Public Health (Oxford University Press, 2007). Please read this prior to the meeting.

Note that Professor Shrader-Frechette is the keynote speaker at the Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference this year (she'll be speaking on May 2nd in the Law School Courtroom, if I'm not mistaken), but you should keep an eye on the INPC website for the details.

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