Monday, February 9

"Altered Goats"

Here's an interesting case (go blogger news ticker!) about a vaccine secreted in the milk of genetically modified goats. I hope for consistency's sake all you Kantians out there who object to using these goats merely as a means don't like feta in your salad. . . .

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  1. Initially, to me, this felt like something out of a bad science fiction movie. Something akin to "goat's milk able to cure cancer." However remarkable the implications of such a feat would be, it does not do much to quell the unease that it brought initially. The procedure seems similar enough to the practices of selective breeding that agriculture has been using for thousands of year (it's no more invasive to the goats than breeding horses for their speed or strength), but there's something offsetting about the directed use of combining DNA that I'm just not sure of yet.


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