Saturday, February 7

Reaction to research proposals

Research Proposal J:

Proposal J brings up the issue of animal research and whether it is ethical to use animals to test the ointment discussed in the article. In principle, I believe that the use of animal testing is wrong. The reason for this is that animals are not capable of giving voluntary consent and therefore should not be used in this testing.

Research Proposal K:

Proposal K discusses using volunteer human subjects in impoverished areas to test the ointment for malaria. The ethical issue here involves targeting a poor area to do the study on. This seems to be somewhat minor to me, since the subjects are volunteers in the study.

Research Proposal L:

Proposal L discusses the placebo effect and the neurochemistry behind this phenomenon. The study uses the volunteer pregnant woman. The ethical issue here is that the study does not allow for full disclosure to the volunteers involved in the study, because of the nature of the study. I feel that although it is deceptive to the volunteers, it is necessary in order to find out more behind the placebo effect.

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