Monday, February 16

Issues in the Science World

I think every society including science has corruption. There are always going to be dishonest, un-loyal, back-stabbing, greedy people within any group of people. I think a lot of groups give opportunities for these behaviors, such as we talked in class about peer editing in the science world. I totally agree with whoever brought up using anonymous editors. The science world seems to be more corrupted by "greed" then anything else. They want the fame but don't want to do the actual work for it. To them they deserve to be famous for coming up with crap. Which is really to bad because this causes people who are learning such as associate professors who are required to produce papers be mixed up with people who are just out for fame instead of finding new discoveries in science. I dont think that all crap work is un-ethical. Everyone makes mistakes which enables them and others to learn and not make that same mistake. There are also some papers that are written that are boring or dont attract the attention of some audiences, this doesnt make them boring. Some ones garbage is another person's treasure. Overall though I dont think there is any quick fix to the science world. I think there are alot of unethical people in this world and to fix that goes way way beyond the world of science.

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