Thursday, February 5

ScienceBlogs...check it out!

For those of you who, like myself, are quickly becoming blog junkies (thanks a lot, Matthew), I recommend checking out ScienceBlogs, which boasts a plethora of science-related blogs in topics spanning all fields of science (life, physical, social, environmental, political, etc.).
And also (not to be a puppet for Seed or anything), the ScienceBlogs project is facilitated by the same people who put out Seed magazine (see my post from about a week ago).
One blog that has been started recently, and that I think is especially relevant to our class, is The Rightful Place Project: Reviving Science in America. This group started after President Obama announced that science would be restored to its "rightful place" during his administration. But what is that rightful place in society? Is this an invitation to integrate (or reintroduce) ethics and humanities into science and technology?

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