Tuesday, February 17

Research Ethics

So I found an interesting article from WMA publications discussing the harmonization of research ethic committees, I don't know how to put the actual article on here (not very good with computer stuff), but if you would like to check it out just go to this website: http://www.wma.net/e/publications/index.htm and click on WMJ 01 2007 (1.10Mo).
One of the good points that this article brought up was should there only be one “medical
ethic” in a country or should we all observe different ethics when it comes to research because different countries will have different beliefs/strategies. The author states, "Research ethics committees are, at least by tradition, embedded into a national framework, which itself is influenced by religion, history, tradition and the system of legislation of that country." So because different committees will have different views, does that mean we will never reach a full consensus of what is right and wrong in research?

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  1. The article that I found above under Values in Science ties into this one as well! Check out the values in science and research section. It also discusses how individuals are the contributors of values to science. Based on their individual culture, religious background, morals, etc. is what determines the basis of values in science and research. And as discussed in class a couple weeks ago, I believe that many people are capable of compromising their beliefs for different reasons or another to publish pseudoresearch and/or are capable of peer review corruption.


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