Friday, February 27

Ethical Administration of Nanotechnology

Ethical Administration of Nanotechnology

Interesting paper by Chris Phoenix discussing the ethical implications of the commercialization of nanotechnology. In his paper, Phoenix discusses the ethical issues that arise from privately owned corporations making huge profits creating these new, rapidly growing technologies.

One point Phoenix made that I found quite interesting was the issue he raises regarding these companies having no ethical limitation or obligation to provide their discoveries and potentially life-saving technologies to those who cannot afford to pay for them. If these companies are the only ones with the capabilities of creating these technologies, it becomes even more of an ethical dilemma to provide those who cannot afford them with options to receive treatment.

Personally, I feel that there are huge gains that can be made by the use of nanotechnologies. With that being said, I strongly feel that there is an ethical obligation by the producers of these technologies to regulate what is produced and how it is produced, as well as the cost of the technologies and ethical implications regarding the technologies themselves.

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