Saturday, February 7

Research Proposal K Response

Verdict:- No.

The benefits that would have been achieved from the study did not outweigh the risk because:

1) medicine/ointment proposed for the study was meant for prevention but there are presently much more effective and cost-efficient ways of preventing malaria.

2) the increased risk from non-Anopheles mosquito was proclaimed to increase due to the application of the ointment hence increasing the risk for several other mosquito carrying diseases just for determining the effectiveness of an ointment.

Question we would like to ask:
Do they have another way of human testing ? (like in a lab with controlled environment for managing and treating the side effects or complications that might arise)

Are they going to provide sufficient information to the volunteer and will they be providing medical facilities (from basic to specialized treatment) in case of complication ?

If they could answer the question of an alternative way of human testing, particularly in a laboratory where people are not exploited, complications can be managed efficiently and effectiveness of the ointment can be diligently monitored then we (committee) could reconsider the proposal. However before agreeing to the proposal we would also like to see that all forms of treatment and medical care are available for the volunteers.

Lauren, Lungsi, and Thando

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